“Tauy” is fundamentally inspired by the atmosphere, the symbolism and the magnetism with which I was captivated while visiting the Nile Valley.
A constant lesson of art and a natural language of optical character would be, from now on, the north for my inspiration. Nevertheless, sensations were not only determined by the stimulus of visual observation, but admired for their ideas, feelings, practices and values about life and death, they molded important arguments inside of me to validate a certain conception of the world.
However great their differences may be from us, I feel they are not as fundamental in the end.
The present series of paintings and sculptures try to explain, by means of contemporary language structures, a correspondence with our search for the essentials, so that the work can be a significant object as well as a vehicle of feelings.
Terracota, iron, pigments, wax, and photography are the technics used in these creations.
LLüisa Pla

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